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2024 Team Instruction & Practice Schedule

All instruction and team practices are held at our Berlin Facility

unless noted otherwise


Saturday, February 17

  9:00 am     ECR 2027 15U

10:30 am     ECR 2026 16U

12:00 pm     ECR 2025 17U

  1:30 pm     MAS 14U Hastings

  3:00 pm     MAS Super Shockers

Sunday, February 18

11:30 am     MAS 8U/MAS 11U Gaylor

  1:30 pm     MAS 9U Thomas/MAS 13U Megee

  3:30 pm     MAS 12U Bunting/OPEN

Monday, February 19


Tuesday, February 20 - Berlin

  6:00 pm     MAS 15U Marinelli

Tuesday, February 20 - Salisbury

  5:30 pm     MAS 13U Megee

  6:30 pm     MAS 9U Thomas

  7:30 pm     MAS 13U Gladden

Wednesday, February 21

  5:30 pm     MAS   8U

  6:30 pm     MAS 11U Gaylor

  7:30 pm     MAS 14U Hastings

Thursday, February 22

  5:30 pm     MAS 12U Horsey

  6:30 pm     MAS 14U Mills

  7:30 pm     MAS 12U Bunting

Friday, February 23


Saturday, February 24

  PBR Showcase

  9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Sunday, February 25

11:30 am     MAS 12U Horsey/MAS 13U Gladden

  1:00 pm     MAS 14U Mills/MAS 15U Marinelli

  2:30 pm     MAS   8U

Monday, February 26


Tuesday, February 27 - Berlin

  5:30 pm     MAS   9U Thomas    

  7:00 pm     MAS 11U Gaylor

Tuesday, February 27 - Salisbury

  5:30 pm     MAS 13U Gladden

  7:00 pm     MAS 12U Horsey

Wednesday, February 28

  5:30 pm     MAS 14U Hastings

  7:00 pm     MAS 13U Megee

Thursday, February 29

  5:30 pm     MAS   8U

  7:00 pm     MAS 12U Bunting     

Friday, March 1


Saturday, March 2

10:00 am     MAS   9U Thomas

12:00 pm     MAS 13U Gladden

  2:30 pm     MAS Super Shockers

Sunday, March 3

11:00 am     MAS 11U Gaylor


Monday, March 4


Tuesday, March 5

  5:30 pm     MAS 9U Thomas

  7:00 pm     MAS 12U Bunting

Wednesday, March 6

  5:30 pm     MAS 11U Gaylor

  7:00 pm     MAS 14U Hastings

Thursday, March 7

  5:30 pm     MAS   8U

  7:00 pm     MAS 12U Horsey

Friday, March 8


Saturday, March 9


Sunday, March 10

11:00 am     MAS 14U Hastings

Monday, March 11

  5:30 pm     OPEN

  7:00 pm     OPEN

Tuesday, March 12

  5:30 pm     MAS 13U Gladden

  7:00 pm     OPEN

Wednesday, March 13

  5:30 pm     OPEN

  7:00 pm     MAS 12U Bunting

Thursday, March 14

  5:30 pm     MAS   8U

  7:00 pm     OPEN

Friday, March 15




Sports Engine Player Registration for 2024

Player Registration for the 2024 Season

Congratulations on making the team

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monthly invoices and pertinent team information through the year.


Spencer Gaylor sports the MAS colors on the Ripken Baseball website.

Mid-Atlantic Shockers Baseball Club, Inc.

Our Goal is to provide a positive environment for the youth of the community using baseball as an avenue for building character and teamwork!

Chris Hudson

Chris Hudson

Mid-Atlantic Shockers Baseball Club, Inc.

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